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Here at K.C Building Services we are a fully fledged Building and Refurbishment company. We are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of building works and finishing, along with a dedicated kitchen team.

Refurbishment and Building Works

A refurbishment project is a complete make over both cosmetically and structurally. The purpose of a refurbishment is to renew the infrastructure of a property and its services. Once this is done we are then able to apply the alterations and finished to complete the new home feel.The purpose is not only to put your own stamp on the property but also to ensure that the property will outlive the cosmetic makeover and meet the requirements of today and the future.

Kitchens and

Kitchen and bathroom installations can involve a complete redesign of both services and layout. As valued rooms within the house, todays demands and needs leave the users with different priorities. Whether it is a refit or a complete refurbishment of the room we will help you achieve your desires and needs to make these rooms an asset to the house and a pleasure to spend time in.


The are many additional domestic services that we can provide because we are a complete building company and we have skilled teams and an extended network carrying out, electrical, plumbing, joinery, tiling, and roofing and all types of building services along with specialist services within these categories. Whether it be a small maintenance job or an involved domestic repair we are able to undertake any works.


  • Initial consultation
  • Detailing and scheduling
  • Taking the project on site
  • The Build
  • Completion

There are several processes involved in a project but, whether it be a small one-day maintenance or an involved project the most important stage is meeting and understanding your requirements and ensuring you are comfortable with us and confident in the service we can provide. It is important to understand what you want to achieve, so that we can share your vision. With this information and a specification of details we are able to prepare a cost and time scale with which we are able to work over as a base to establish practical feasibility, and at this point the project is conceived and can begin to grow.

It is for us to have a clear understanding in order to take your ideas through to conception and we do this by carefully listening and gaining an understanding of your needs, styles and design preferences. Although this should be within the specification it is important to share your vision at all times. With this vision and foresight, a schedule of works can be drawn up. Be it a large or small project each needs the same process from beginning to end, as that is how we maintain standards and working practices and mark of excellence.

When taking the project onsite, the set-up, safety and management are equally crucial in running a smooth and efficient program. With a specification of works and a site plan in place we have a blue print to work to. We know the importance of keeping in liaison with the client in order to give you a clear understanding what stage we are at but also should there be and unforeseen issues it is important that that you are well informed. However the main reason for staying in touch is to keep you involved as this is your project and if you are an end user, we think there is no prouder moment that when its finished and you feel that bit closer to it than just a by-stander.

When it comes to the build we are meticulous in our approach. We are very systematic in the way we work keeping a clean structure and works program. All of our services are carried out by certified and accredited professionals giving you peace of mind a, guarantee and a mark of excellence. Its is with our experienced teams of surveyors, specialists and service engineers, our connections with in the industry and our credibility that you should have the confidence in knowing your project is in safe hands and that we value the needs of you the client.

This is the most important part of a project because this is where we deliver to you what was once a vision and is now a reality. This is how we maintain our credibility. We ensure you are 100% satisfied. We want that you know we are on hand for any questions queries or further works, as from the moment you agreed for us to carry out the project you became a valued client for life. Whatever requirements you may have, we value your custom.